Thursday, October 26, 2006

Protect Our Companion Sea Turtles

Notice from Cymonne:

Please join me in the fight to protect endangered sea turtles! >>Take Action

A Turtle Advocate writes: I may not be old enough to vote, but that won't stop me from telling our government how I feel about protecting sea turtles. I am the first person to add my name to Oceana's new petition to protect the sea turtles. I hope you'll add your name too.

All six sea turtles species found in U.S. waters are listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The ESA is supposed to help sea turtle populations recover, but Oceana's new report suggests our government isn't doing a very good job.

Every year, our government allows U.S. commercial fisheries to harm hundreds of thousands of sea turtles and when they exceed their allowed number, the government turns a blind eye.

We can't let sea turtles be driven to extinction. Please sign the petition!

Vive les tortues marins,
Zander Srodes
Sea turtle advocate and high school student

P.S. I created a children's activity book to accompany my presentations. It may not be as detailed as Oceana's new report, "Net Casualties: XXX" but I think it's pretty good (I wrote it when I was 14!). Check it out!


Net Casualties:
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