Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Point Then Two And Three (And More) of Multidimensionality

Here is a link about multidimensionality from Circle Companion J. Marshall in Milwaukee...

...which shows a flash presentation. Newsflash: This here original team weblog is now our main 'News & Prayer Circle' and we are shifting here from... [Update - Smartgroups closed.]

...which will remain where it is as archive and legacy as long as Smartgroups (Orange) hosts it. The Smartgroups site is linked already to too many of our pages to delink but we are migrating the 'News and Prayer Circle' here due to all the problems Smartgroups has been experiencing that have caused their service to be off and on all but unusable for almost a year.

The plan is for anyone who wants to post here to request an invitation to this blogging team - name, email you want to use for us to send the invite to join this Blogspot, and a detail or two or three about you, by sending a message through this...

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...or you may simply subscribe to this blog's RSS feed, comment in your participation whenever you want. And here is a 'shamanic basic' sent in by an anonymous (for now) online circle companion and longterm student and researcher in Aloha Salem Quest School (of the Shaman Fool):

"Sitting in your car, talking on a cell phone, running the engine while waiting for the weekend shamanic workshop to begin is as unshamanic as using the words 'excuse me' in the grocery store to mean 'get out of my way' as you dash to the organic foods aisle (still talking on the cell phone) or weaving in and out of traffic in a frenzy (in your SUV, still talking on the cell phone) because you are running late to the peace vigil! Real shamans aren't ever in a hurry and shamanic practitioners would do well to imitate this."

I have seen what seems to be several instances of this and I am shamanic dreaming over it!

If you have a shamanic weblog please join our RingSurf blogring 'Blogging Shamanic Shifting' above. If we do not link to you anywhere yet and you have a shamanic website, please add your link to...

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