Friday, October 13, 2006

Pathways Gift Workshop: Living With Profound Stress

We just received this information from Pathways Foundation for Peace and Healing...

...the ecospiritual awareness and action organization founded by Myron Eshowsky, a shamanic teacher on earth of some of us. Shamanic Shift Center joins in Pathways Clans from a distance too.

Sponsored by PATHWAYS Foundation for Peace and Healing
November 18 December 9, 2006 at
Michael Fields Auditorium, East Troy, WI

10-10:30---Brief Overview of profound stress---Kris Knight terms, definitions, goals for the day

10:30-12:30---EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) training by Jim Walters
This is a hands-on, self- and other- treatment technique that can easily be taught, and results witnessed, in this amount of time and has dramatic effects for immediate relief of symptoms from a vast array of problems that are limiting or handicapping one's life, including the effects of profound stress (emphasis on experiential)

12:30-2:00---Lunch, walks, rest time, shopping at Nakomis Bakery, discussion, setup for drumming circle

2-2:30 (please be all set up with your drums promptly at 2 PM)---Drumming circle---Kristi Cowles

2:30-3:30---Strategies for Coping with Profound Stress by Kris Knight

3:30-4 PM---Guided Meditation by Jackie Kaufman


4:15-5:15--Moving Through These Times From a Larger Story by Myron Eshowsky

5:15-6---Open Forum Options: Q&A with presenter panel, another drumming circle, group sharing, filling out evaluations

TO REGISTER: Phone Kris at 1-608-ALL-LIFE (255-5433)


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