Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mask Making Workshop

Myron Eshowsky forwarded this to Shamanic Shift. Several of our circle engage the Spirits through masks and costuming. Maybe we will offer a mask making or funny hat playshop some day.

Here is an unrelated but relevant website with an the owner's original description of and explanation for contemporary 'shamanic practitioners' and adapted 'shamanic practices' in self and world healing. It is just a little bit more for the mix:

(The formatting may be strange in this post - as usual - because I copied this announcement from an attatchment I would not have been able to post otherwise and because the space is limited in this particular Blogger template.)


Saturday, December 9
9:3o AM to 5:00 PM

Sunday, December 10
9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

VonOrthal Studios
4541 N. Ravenswood
Chicago , IL

Unlike the different “masks” people use to conceal their true selves in today’s modern society, indigenous cultures used masks to call upon and honor the power of the sacred.

This two day workshop is about honoring that intention.

Participants will journey to the ancestors for guidance regarding their own personal healing, environmental healing, global or “tribal” healing and will create individual masks that call forth the power of these personal teachings.

We will strip away illusion, excavate deeper truths and call forth the sacred faces of healing. This workshop is ideal for those who have experience in shamanic journeying or for those wanting to explore the shaman’s path for the first time.

Everyone who attends the workshop will leave with a mask and insights on how to
use it for continued healing.

The cost of the workshop is $225, which includes materials for mask-making. Space is limited, so please send a non-refundable deposit of $50 to Creative Alkemy, 2556 West Morse Avenue
Chicago, IL 60645 to reserve your space.

Shamanic practitioner Pam Spence is facilitating the workshop. Pam has taken advanced
training through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and has worked closely with
healers from different traditions. In a recent trip to Peru, Pam was initiated into
the Apu tradition by a Quechua shaman.

The workshop is co-facilitated by Cynthia Von Orthal, master puppeteer and mask-maker. Cynthia studied at the Trejar Studios In Prague and has been creating “spirit-filled” masks and puppets for over a decade.

If you have questions regarding the workshop, call Pam Spence at 773.255.3253.


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