Friday, October 06, 2006

If Companions Circle(s) Were a Political Party...

...instead of a spiritual order or 'church' I opine (so far) we would want to be like The Light Party (linked in the title)! This self-educational website must be added to ASQ! School of the (Shaman) Fool's link library. I can do this myself and I am just hesitating while considering which page it would fit on best. I must finish reading the website all the way through and check out what else is linked to there to be sure...Well I couldn't wait so now I have linked it up here for now where some of our favorite favorites are.

I am at a deep loss for words these days and I may revert to the original team blog for a while (linked in the collection in the header). I will keep this webspace no matter what as an archive and place for my particular blogroll. My main calling is shamanic shifting prayer and many new intentions have been called to my attention recently for journeying and dreaming on.


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