Sunday, September 03, 2006

Not My Apocalypse Either...Shamanic Dreaming On

Not My Apocalypse! - Pop Occulture Blog

I do not agree with everything this unmet travelling companion writes yet I am always entertained and educated at his weblog. My rule of life does not allow for much cussing...and almost none in writing. I am jotting this note now to recommend Pop Occulture Blog to anyone anyway. This guy knows a lot and relentlessly celebrates life being life no matter what...beautiful and absurd and all ways 'what it is'...and he still succeeds in blogging often!

Also I am reading and recommending these articles on ways of shamanic dreaming by Robert Moss. I practice shamanic dreaming too and quite a while ago read his books CONSCIOUS DREAMING and DREAMING TRUE. There is just as much to read and consider on his features and essays portal page.


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