Saturday, August 19, 2006

Shamanic Asteroid Watching & Parallel Earth Visiting

I shamanic journeyed off the earth to watch asteroids today. I did not come across any during this journey that could hit earth this year or next. I intend to go asteroid watching again soon.

On an earlier shamanic journey I visited a world said to be a version of earth 'where the people had shifted the asteroid from certain collision'. This vision and version of earth was a marvelous place, a planet where technology and nature danced in the happiest of marriages. Then I was escorted to several other (parallel?) versions and visions of earth where an asteroid had crashed and wrought massive destruction. I was surprised to see these appearing fresh and Eden-like for my guides showed me those places as they existed ages after their catastrophes.

On one of these alternative earths fantastical giant avian-insectish (not reptilian) beings (unlike anything I ever saw on Star Trek) greeted us merrily, danced up to me, and then one of their 'chieftains' picked me up and advised me, beak to nose: Their species would rather have the version of earth they inhabited 'rolled up' in in the wonderful version and vision I had visited first during this shamanic journey rather than things turning out the other way around.


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