Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Our shamanic shifting is too tame so far

Several of us live ecstasy yet the new Shamanic-Shift.org website is so far too tame for the name. The new domain was opened in WordPress to better organize the content of the wandering, wide-cast original website named after 'Shamantic! The Wise'. Many folks supposed that name was a mispelling of the word 'shamanic'. Among other correspondences the name 'Shamantic!' ties together a multidimensional, multiversal spirit-realms team while fusing 'shaman' and 'antic'...to show our diverse way of Ways of navigating the Shaman-Fool's voyage.

~ Sharon

Well here are some examples of untame websites devoted to shifting...

Signs of the Times

...where there are many wild links to follow. I found Bergonia during my ongoing search for links to 'shamans as hermits' and solitary spiritual companions living in community. I found Signs of the Times through an article on 'guru spiritual predators' which somehow came up in a search result around the same key words though I cannot figure out how or why. I do not agree with all of all the opinions expressed on these attention-shifting examples while I like the bright websites and appreciate the competant writing.

~ Alan


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