Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ordinary everyday life experience is my yoga

My religion and yoga - any ways I tie everything and self together and reconnect to Source. My shamanic journeying occasionally takes me to an otherworldly waystation - not very far from the four rivers that flow between every here and there.

In tiny bunks all over that strange place many beings who allowed themselves to be called gurus or even cultivated the designation mill around with millstones around their necks as they must until each and all are thoughouly debunked on earth and all their followers (and any who followed them) have forgotten all about everyone of them! Many of these folks have written 'spiritual classics' or instigated minor canons of sacred scripture and 'likenesses' of them are painted and published widely.

Yet everyone must debunk for themselves the guru cults and priestcraft practitioners who hold attention spans generation after generation. It's a matter of deciding and daring to search for what you misplaced where you are most likely to recover it, near where you dropped it...rather than within the garish spotlighting of the nearest streetlamp. I research wisdom in the sacred circle of the ordinary and find plenty of illuminating company among humble saints who have never even heard of 'self-importance'. (These teachers of mine pop up unannounced anywhere.)


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