Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Linking the marketplace to the spiritual

I discovered the Quantum Shaman website while searching and researching and brainstorming fundraising...respectably selling decent wares of value to help support a hermit-shaman vocation and life lived in service to the wider community. The service rendered is ongoing shamanic prayer and alchemy and more tangeably one-to-one assistance to neighbors with diverse beneficial projects. Shamans live to connect the tangeable and visible with the interior and ordinarily invisible so I know I am on a right track.

These days I am living as a modern 'solitary' shamanic hermit - in spiritual companionship and sacred circle with several others close and afar. The 'solitary warrior shaman' workshops offered by the Quantum Shaman's owner are on this amazing page where there is easy linkage to the store which is a colorful marketplace in itself. From the market there is no obvious, direct link to the spiritual writings and workshops. This setup metaphorically shows my mental road (so far) most travelled. I know shamanic shifing can free me from traps and pitfalls in any instant yet the images of mad, mystic, starving wanderer as shaman-artist arise to haunt me now and then.


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