Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Searching For Free Science Articles

The title links to and where there are science articles on many topics. I could not however find any indication there of the 'terms of use' and I spent a while looking.

I already link to many good science websites and I was looking for more uncommon places that allow republication of articles. I am helping write a book for Companions Circle - Shamanic Shift Center to make available for download and the silly notion danced across my psyche that I could keep this weblog updated while preoccupied with other writing projects if I had access to good, relevant, free website content. Several of us put Shamanic Shift's adsense units on our blogs to help raise funds to keep our outreach in Milwaukee updating is more of a priority.

I am impressed by the amount of free content there is available! It will take me just as many moments to sort through places like this as it would to just go ahead and blog.


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