Monday, July 24, 2006

Navigating Technology For Ultimate Voyaging

Update - December 2006: Please read the article someone left as a comment on this post! I blogged here about a website and free download I found interesting and evocative of key turning points I experienced earlier in life. But I was blessed to have experienced many life enhancing challenges and encounters along the way and my turning points were mostly obvious blessings...and I suffered no outright exploitation! Another lesson for me continues: Keep asking questions and seeking the bigger picture no matter what appears before me on the road!

Shamanic experience is wide ranging for me and can include almost any kind of meditation and prayer....And I usually steer clear of websites selling 'ultimate' ways to spiritual or metaphysical experiences. The word 'navigator' drew me to Eric Pepin and I found this website selling one of those systems...and some free ebooks and a good outline. I read THE NAVIGATOR (free pdf download available through title link) and understand his approach because I had the same kind of early awakening next to a pond and meeting with 'The Navigator'. At first I called this Being the Road Wizard, who showed and drew and opened new yet ancient ways to go anywhere.

Since that first spontaneous encounter... life is an ongoing shamanic voyage and dream journey...and ludic dance-fest. (Here is another weirder pdf.)

I still have fun reading what others are teaching and writing out of direct spiritual experience or 'ultimate' experiences. I can relate to what many of the certified shamans write concerning these childhood and growing up years parallel many of theirs. I too, in deep cover mostly from behind the scenes, live for freeing guts, hearts, and minds one by one...certified by Spirit anyway.


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