Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fwd: [shamanicshift] A peace poem shift

Here is a second attempt to post this....If you see two it means the other found its way, too.

Thank-you Pat for the attention shift!

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From: Pat (Milwaukee Circle Companion)
Date: Jul 18, 2006 7:17 AM
Subject: [shamanicshift] A peace poem
Peace, everywhere, peace today! Peace in lands of scruffy trees and pine, Peace in lands of olives and wine, Peace in lands where peaks are white, Peace in lands where fields are bright. Peace in lands of oasis and sand, Peace in lands where people band, Peace in lands where children play, Peace in lands where people pray, Peace in lands in the thick of the fight, Peace in lands ruled by force and might. Everywhere, everywhere, peace this day! Peace in lands where moral people stand tall, No government too great, no nation too small. Joseph T. Renaldi

"If I take one step in the right direction
If I touch one heart along the way
And if that one step becomes a chain reaction
Then my journey has not been in vain."
--Harold Payne, "One Step"

Many Blessings Everyone!


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