Monday, July 10, 2006

Fwd: Sacred Hoop Links & New Open Connections

A variety of articles is available for download (no reproduction and further publication permitted) at the websites connected with Sacred Hoop Magazine linked below in this fowarded email correspondence. There are beautiful shamanic art and craft sights on Nick's and Jan's too. In my research I visit the websites of many shamanic practitioners based in the UK whose shamanic ways 'take after' indigenous American spiritual traditions...a different approach from ours. Nick and Jan look like folks I would enjoy getting to know in person.

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>Greetings Nick -
>Thank-you for sharing your link...Circle members found your post on
>what started out as a message board, didn't catch on, then became a
>catagorized shamanic link list, then got spammed so badly we chopped
>it down to just a place to post links where it is necessary to
>register to post...And someone checks there ever so often. That
>space is there to collect shamanic links and you actually posted a
>shamanic link. What a pleasant surprise!
>Anyway we shall find a place on our website to link Sacred Hoop up
>soon. Give us a day or two...Thanks again.

Hi Elizabeth

Thanks for replying - much appreciated.

We are a bit in the backwoods ina tiny Welsh valley (with more
fairies than people) so i am doing my best to try to get in contact
with humans intrested in shamanism.. so I appreciate your reply


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Many Blessings!
~ Elizabeth


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