Friday, June 16, 2006

The Silly 'Blogging Shamanic Shifting' Weblog Ring

Someone just wrote me that RingSurf would have been a far better choice for the blogring. Well, from the looks of RingSurf, I would concur yet no one of us that I know of has any free spacetime periods in the schedule for backtracking and starting over. Cooter the Tortoise Cat (of Shamanic Shift Center in Milwaukee WI) a RingSurf navbar. Wow, even the cat is behind in blogging! Hey...

Here is another way to link to the blog-ring... in case you want to join. The ring is for anyone 'blogging shamanic shifting' or reality shifting through individual (and spiritual companionship and sacred circle) direct connecting with authentic cosmic potential, possibilities and power. If you cannot find a place for the navbar or find a way to shapeshift it, you can still join in if you will put a noticeable link to this URL on your blog...

...entitled 'blogging shamanic shifting navbar' (or something like that). That is the URL for the page with the list of sites and another navigation bar for the ring. This will allow someone who gets to your site to go on to the rest of the ring. Right now there are very few sites in the ring and so it is really just a horizontal blogroll...and yes, this may have been a silly idea. That is ok since we are 'fools' anyway and the weblog ring was started by one of our circle companions for experimental fun over all.

The other way to stay in the loop is create another Blogger 'blog' on your account or create another website page of your site elsewhere (however its done there) where the navbar can go in the template and then post a blog or message there with the information and a link back to your 'real blog'. Then on your 'real blog' put a noticeable link to the new 'weblog ring' page entitled 'blogging shamanic shifting navbar' (or something like that). Or you can put the navbar way down at the footer and anchor link it from the blogroll higher up (or not).


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