Thursday, June 22, 2006

Now Look Here...

Now I can use webcams for shamanic 'remote connecting'... as prayer through window-icons opening out to places all over the world. I found this link through a link on the sidebar of Shamanic Journeys by 4 Hawks. It was a link at the Brother Roy Ministry World Healing Crusade Webcam link. The Brother Roy Ministry is more than first meets the eyes, too.

I am looking for a better webam link. The one in the title has a lot of outdated links...yet I found some beautiful sights anyway after clicking around. I have been using the local news media pages of many places and CNN pages on major world events for shamanic prayer icon connections too.

Everything in my shamanic practice is for keeping open and allowing Spirit(s) shifting. I could and would blog more if I were not engaged and in deeply in love with the Present Moment.


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