Friday, June 30, 2006

New Huna Blog & Considering Fireflies & Fireworks

Vince Wingo the facilitator of 'the world's largest Huna community' (at YGs) opened a look-worthy Huna weblog (linked in this title). I was going to blog a word about it at Shamanic Ways yet I am logged in here now. I did put it on the blogroll over there. There are very many interpretations of Hawaiian or Polynesian spirituality or 'shamanism' or 'secret wisdom' much of it based upon the writings and teachings of Max Freedom Long, who I did not study ordinary reality anyway.

There is a collection of Huna websites on this blogroll because my shamanic ways are drawn more from Hawaiian/Polynesian, Jewish, and N. European/Celtic shamanic and wisdom traditions...The contradictions among the many interpretations of any of these large sets of teachings do not trouble me anymore because I proceed individualistically by direct experience. Huna is great for practicing shamanic ways without a lot of strange stuff and antics...Yet I love 'shaman-antics' too.

~ Alan

Last night I watched the antics of many (many!) 'fireflies' - more than I have ever seen all at once before - while I thought of the fireworks that were bound to be causing a commotion near Shamanic Shift's sanctuary on the eastside of Milwaukee during the opening night of Summerfest. On many summer nights fireworks blaze in Milwaukee to remind anyone who can see and hear at all of freedom.

Researching fireflies this evening, I noticed many suggestions on the internet that kids and even adults capture as many little fireflies in a jar as possible and perform experiments on them for fun or even put them to some useless use. The fireworks of summer are flying lights for liberty...And I say let these little fire-bugs fly free in their quieter, miniscule ways!

~ Sharon


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