Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Studying at the Rotten Library

I was thrilled a day or two ago when yesterday a search - for I forget what now, perhaps 'immigration' and 'tradition' - brought me to the Rotten Library. I am finding this online library to be an amazing, entertaining, impressively large collection of quite respectable articles on one of the diversest arrays of commonplace to bizarre topics I have encountered on the web so far.

I had already visited the front pages at Rotten.com (briefly - and made a note to steer clear) because it is on our Trickster's & Wise Fool's Favorites list. That list can be found through this link coming up in my caution to beware of the the dualing sound files and other weirdness of that page if you visit. (That page is perpetually under construction by another circle companion, mostly.) I had not experienced the Rotten Library because I did not see a link to it from the Rotten front page. Yet so far I have not come to an article there that is not well worth the spacetime energy of a read.


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