Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shamanic Experience Without Workshops

I dream that more folks begin opening to, cultivating, and fostering shamanic experience without the flashy weekend workshops and popular how-to books. Anyone who would rather circle around with little known humble folks in a home sanctuary right in their own neighborhood rather than travel across the country or the world to receive empowerments and initiations and even certifications from exotic or showy or bestselling author shamans is someone I would trust in shamanic practice. I have had plenty of fun and excitement at shamanic workshops over the years, and I treasure every memory of those intense 2 to 4 day periods of separation from familiar surroundings and routines.

Yet I learned shamanic ways as much in spite of as from those package deals and I know trusty spiritual travelling companions who cross my path locally and open a simple circle with me once a month (or so) teach me more that is real about shamanic ways - core or 'classic' or (why not?) universal - than all the shamanic experts put together ever could, even if they assembled and presented the best, ultimate, fantasy shamanic workshop ever. These days it is the proclaimed (by self and others) 'expert shamans' touring the workshop circuit that bring the nagging question up within me: Is there something wrong with this picture?

A 'secret teacher' of mine says: Be your own shaman.


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