Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Not That Evil Is All That Bad...

As a contemporary everyday anchorite I consider the antics of famous and infamous public individuals, institutions, and 'corporate entities' as street theater. Current events show the acting out of a prayer list of questions for me to shamanic quest upon. Reality is my TV and I know the keys for shifting the programs are my own thoughts and dreams and interactions. So what is there to blog about anymore? I like to read what others write when they express parts of what I might mean better than I have so far.

Whether it is a misnomer or not, what gets called 'Celtic Spirituality' comes closest to my outlook.. I experience divine numbers, geometries, icons, and signitures everywhere in everything so I cannot find much to complain about, no matter how much imbalance, injustice, and unnecessary suffering I notice. One of the only things that can still upset me deeply these days are the seeming misfortunes apparently spinning out of mainstream and non-mainstream religion. Often I find myself beginning to wonder if religion is not the root of all evil - not that evil is all bad.

Many of todays newsworthy items relating to religion remind me of past traumatic happenings that affected me deeply and drastically while teaching me more than I ever would have learned any other way. I wouldn't wish the likes of these events upon any being, friend or foe, yet I treasure these transformed, terraformed memories.


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