Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No shamanic schedule or rule yet...

The Universal Peregrine Companions (contemporary anchoritic Shamanic Humorists & Optimists) are not keeping any one definite monastic schedule, though we are a contemporary, scattered site order of sorts. I know several of us open our lives into the unceasing shamanic circle for three to several periods each day around prayer and dream intentions for shifting Spirit, souls, dreams, stories and gifts towards more Freedom, Unity & New/Now power. We are embedded in everyday situations and the total number of our circle companions is unknown to any one of us. This weblog began as a study of ways of spiritual formation with the hope that we could describe some details of our practiceway simply yet we are unsucessful so far.

This un-sucess might have to be enough. Our way is animist and that means to us interacting with all living beings in all directions, dimensions, modes, realms, levels, and orders. Our way is gnostic yet this means an untamed gnosis of individual moment by moment adventuring and sharing the spirals of LIFE freeing and revealing life as Mystery, Consciousness, and Spirit(s) though direct inner teachings juxtaposed with everyday self-educational experiences.

This way is for shamanic shifting while being and living more and more deeply the truth of oneself in spiritual companionship with other adventurers. Also this way 'must be fun' and that means restoring ordinary fun and healing laughter to this world as well as all ways alchemizing shifts toward Freedom & Unity Now & New.

We do not write many specifics about shamanic ways ourselves or our practiceway because shamanic ways are received from Spirit through direct experiences. Instead we keep a page with links to shamanic sites that do teach specifics even though most of these earthly teachers and writers contradict one another. Anything can be and everything is Spirit(s) teaching us amidst all kinds of paradox and juxtaposition - for all is Mystery, Consciousness and Spirit(s) incarnating...Several of us are supposing that studying many interpretations of shamanic ways as well as magikal and mystical ways and other spritual, philosophical, scientific, and artistic ways might jiggle open heart and mind to a 'gist' of the shaman-foolish way of ways amidst the quests and jests of life.


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