Thursday, May 11, 2006


What do I know about nanotechnology aside from science fiction entertainment? Almost everything I know about nanotechnology might be imaginings, I realized, so I decided to do a search for some hard science news about it. I came to many outdated and redirected nanotechnology links along the way to this introduction and nanotechnology portal where most of the links still go somewhere. I am discovering that web pages hosted by research centers and universities change URLs suddenly inconveniently often and broken links are frequent on the pages I find devoted to frontier science topics. Maybe the page will stay put a while longer than the rest.

Nanotechnology is a field that brings us closer to edges on all sides and directions of ordinary reality and everyday life, brings us right up to stubborn threshholds that still block profounder breakthoughs to bigger than ever shapeshifts for our kind and our world. I still do not know what to make of all the nanotechnology now news that at this moment seems far more strange and wonderful to me than the science fiction I was considering earlier. So of course I shall shamanic dream and 'journey on it' and allow my imagination to run wild all over again.


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