Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Free Fun: Templar University & Temple of Earth

Our studies are now focussing upon prayer sciences - whatever that might mean. In our web searching we came upon this well done website and fun religion-free church, Temple of Earth.

We just received this...

There's an excerpt online from Sandra Ingerman's new book, "Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide." Entitled "Am I making up my journeys?" it deals with a common barrier to successful other-world travels: the secret belief that your journey is just a product of your imagination. The piece is located at -


...and although we do not experience this trouble we hear of it now and then. Another shamanic journey troubleshooting suggestion might be fun and helpful to pass along.

The studying and considering of prayer science has so far shown us many masks of magic in the reality game of nature in this multiverse. A synergy of Huna, Jewish shamanism, Chaos magick, Religious Science, and science frontiers within the context of Universal Life gives a unique, re-creative, alchemical key for shamanic shifting any situation on our prayer list. Shamanic journeying, dreaming, blessing, and expressive arts are the most frequent practices for weaving together outer and interior teachings and actions alongside a physical yoga of healthy lifesyle choices, ecospiritual activism, and any conscious movement on life-purpose in goodness, blessingness, and fun.

This can be very simple: As a wise child, blend your version in the here/now moment of power!


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