Sunday, May 28, 2006

Everyday Adventures & Website Migration

We moved our main website to a new hosting service and found a WordPress template designed for a TravelBlog to begin opening a new, more organized domain here. For the same price/month we can have multiple domains at our new host and now that the challenges encountered during Shamantic!'s migration are behind us this seems wonderful.

While I was looking for a template with a travelling and adventure theme, I came upon other travel blog sites and travel communities where anyone can begin to share their worldy experiences or begin touring through the blogging of others. Here is a Blogger traveller's blog too by Andy HoboTraveler.

The new website is linked to the other. The plan is to organize old and new content to feature services we offer such as ceremonies and counseling. There is not very much there yet and I hope and intend to add a lot starting now.

Also...concerning the blog ring: If you have a shamanic weblog (using the word 'shamanic' broadly) - devoted to direct individual and small circle spiritual experience for shifting consciousness and reality through shamanic journeying, divination, dreaming, art, poetry, alchemy, science frontiers, magik, or some other way, you are invited to join for fun. The navbar can be put at the footer or in the template of another Blogger blog created for that purpose like a webring page and linked to the real blog (and back). After we started this experiment, we realized the bar is too wide for most weblog sidebars and many would not want to put it at the top of the front page, we know.


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