Thursday, May 04, 2006

Circling Around - Celebrating Sacramentally - Cosmopolitan Adventuring

I was amazed when I found one of the most thorough expositions and detailed maps I have ever come upon amidst a web search of the synthesized, exotericized, popularized, and canonized new age religion of wounded healing. This summary is on the website of writer and medical intuitive Caroline Myss whose books I have never been drawn to read. was searching for other examples of adventuring spiritual ways...where a key feature is ongoing questioning, questing, and jesting - playing with energy-flow and patterns and chaos moment by moment, blowing only where stirred by Spirit, wondering and wandering ever onward without permanent settling.

I was searching for a better word than shaman to encompass all I live and aspire to live. Mystic is an even more misunderstood, more misused word than 'shaman' that often implies receiving without re-creating. The freeform RPG Mage covers only the territory within the World of Darkness. Wizard has branched off into so many derived meanings that the word might be too general by now - and often implies tradition and skill yet not necessarily ecstasy or direct experience of Spirit. So I was seeking a better word for shaman that does not simply combine the word 'shaman' with 'fool' or 'alchemist' as some us do. So far I have not settled down upon any better word for 'shaman' than human - which will hardly do. So something must be going right.


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