Monday, April 03, 2006

Unmet Companion's Way of Adventure, Fun, & Alchemy

I was just wondering a little more over more and more and more internet arguing among shamanic practitioners and new age shamans (whether "natural" or "plastic") over what a shaman is or should be, and how or whether to "certify" shamans or shamanizers, and who is an "elder" or expert - among equals, of couse - vis-a-vis the ongoing yet futile cries of "fraud" and the laments over "tradition co-opting and exploiting" and the rants skeptics that kept popping up in the browser . Then the effective website linked in the title above presented itself as a reminder to shift all this seriousity to the side.

Here is an unmet circle companion battling adventure deficit disorder relentlessly, and sharing what he learns for the sheer FUN of it - aside from and and all dreary discussions of pros and cons. He is advertizing his wares and giving teachings away for free, profiting and propheting mightily, I opine. Yes, I am naive and I am happily missing all the serious points being made by anyone about shamans and shamanisms.

The next place I paused for a longer look was a shorter article by Lin Stone, another web author and life adventurer. The article, about Asol Keesh comes linked to many practical, advertising, un-shamanic (?) links about insurance, eBook publishing, web-hosting, as well as many more eBooks on many topics and free first chapters. I did not want to blog about or link to this article because I usually go to great lengths to avoid associating shamanic ways or the word "shaman" with any aboriginal traditions or individuals at all. And who knows? (Spirit & the Spirits do!) something about Lin or Asol might turn out to be fraudulent. But I liked his short piece and found real wisdom and understanding in it, so I threw caution to the winds. (And I would do well to do that a great deal more often!)

Also, I am remembering a recent discussion among several of us in the circles about publishing a pdf or eBook.


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