Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oh "Hippo Noodles!" (I say...)

Here I am blogging about not blogging again! I joined Zaadz to help with the Shamanic Humorists & Optimists' F.U.N. Restoration pod and finally start blogging. Yet all I have blogged over there so far is how I haven't blogged much here or anywhere. I was doing better (in my little corner) at our older online FUN Circle.

Here is another kind of F.U.N. I just found by another kind of un-schoolers. (Our version stands for Freedom, Unity, and Now&New, and our un-school is the School of the Fool.)

Now I shall begin looking for something new to blog about over at Zaadz...tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I sing and cawl out Hippo Noodles to you all. Isn't that fun?



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