Monday, March 13, 2006

We Are Opening A Shamanic Shifting Blogging, Zine-ing Ring

Update (October 2006)...

Please join our Shamanic Shifting RingSurf ring instead of the (old) Bravenet ring. We shifted rings!

We are setting up a blogging, ezine-ing, and message-circling ring with Bravenet. Do you want to join? Just follow the links on the ring navbar in the header....This is new for us, so there might be a few bumps, and the list is still very short...veeeery short. This ring is for anyone blogging any shamanic shifting, dreaming, questing, drumming, storying, and jesting for self and world transformation. (Blogging is a key feature of the life practice way several of us share, though we barely keep up.)

We define "shamanic" practices broadly: direct, immediate, integral (and AQAL), moment by moment living on purpose; relating to Spirit and the Spirits in all modes, directions, levels, dimensions, realms, and realities to catalyze beneficial changes; blessing and dynamic prayer; alchemy and dreaming; universal animist wild gnosis and magik; earthy heaven and creation centered spirituality; and keeping and carrying Spirits, Souls, Songs, Stories, Beautiful Energy-Flows, and Gifts to the next right new life experiences. So, if your spiritual and living practices resonate harmoniously with most or all of the above, you are invited, no matter what you call your tradition or way.


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