Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Simple Spirit Ways Are Fun

Back to writing the book: Several of the Shamanic Humorists & Optimists and Universal Peregrine Companions (an adventuring and contemplating dis-order, or array of contemporary shamanic anchorites are back at the efforts towards writing an entertaining book of stories of everyday shaman antics and non-ordinary shamanic journeys, juxtaposed paradoxically with elements of the practice way and spiritual exercises some of us are developing as we go along. No matter what, it must be FUN, is our motto.

We each adopt and adapt into costuming our favorite spacetime coordinates and spiritual energy flow patterns and circle around as individual standpoints (and dancing points!) in a widespread spiraling, wheeling, reeling web, joining ordinary and non-ordinary for a few to several periods of simple shamanic prayer each day - to keep that many more doors open to the transforming shifts of Spirit and the Spirits.

Then, at night we offer our dreams as shamanic prayers, too - sometimes joining with the amazing voyages of a Vast Soul Transport Ship. This is just one of the ways some of us live and dream as anchorites!


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