Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Considering & Contemplating Bad Astronomy

We look foward to reading the well written articles and following the diverse links at BAD ASTRONOMY and JREF. These authors and many other devoted skeptics of many denominations of that religion are helping the self-educational journeys of a great many HU-MON BEANS, by instigating crises of belief, and expansions of knowledge, by showing in more and more ways that non-ordinary reality connections are not of this world...and not even of this multverse and cannot be measured, demonstrated, and proved through ordinary reality scientific testing, as we understand those methods today.

In our travels, we notice that many shamanic, earth-centered, star-contmeplating, metaphysical, (so called) new age, (so called) psychic, and (so called) energy & vibrational practitioners and healers (self-proclaimed or so called) confuse and confound the levels, quadrants, modes, and orders of reality, consciousness, and experience and write literalisms into the BOOK WITHOUT PAGES and sell Reality short in many ways. In discussions, we find that it is all too easy for us to confound the catagories of these confusers, too! Yet all of this processing is integrating and self-educational.

We consider anything and everything that draw-bridges our wondering tourists' attention spans while we journey any realm of inner or outer science - magikal, metaphysical, pseudo, alternative, frontier, new. We are amused to find that many still suppose that the COSMIC FULLNESS of interconnecting unity, separation(s), and re-unity really is being measured today by scientists with physical instruments and devices...while the symbols and archetypes could and would speak and comprehend infinitely more. Yet weirdly, we opine that there is no bad or junk science...and the cosmic comedic joke is certainly on all of us, after all.

We honor and acknowledge all living beings exploring the ordinary, cyber, and non-ordinary internets and world wide webs of ongoing, unfolding, evolving, universal self-education. Yes, we notice that there a growing (yet still small) number of HU-min Humin Humming Beens who take advantage or full advantage of the current confusion, ignorance - or innocence - of (self and) many others and cash in materialistically and temporarily. Surely and eventually the FIRST & LAST LAUGH will be gasped if not grasped by and through those trickster teachers.


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