Friday, February 10, 2006

Skeptic Shamanic Alchemist Wants A Dictionary

As a practicer of shamanic alchemy I get catagorized as a mystic yet to me that means I live for ongoing, direct experience of the eternal yet dynamic, real Reality behind, under, and beyond present everyday experience. As I adventure life, I do my best to keep wondering and wandering closer and closer to the (Knowable) Mystery that is paradox itself, always growing deeper and wider, to be - perfectly, in fullness and emptyness - whatever is that little bit more than the sum of all its infinity of infiinities of parts, that is ever further distant yet always originally omnipresent.

Today, I realized something that must have been obvious to many: Skeptics do have a sense of humor. I had been wondering whether skepticism had degenerated from a way of philosophy to (just another) serious faith. As a shamanic fool, I read the writings of many contemporary skeptics devotedly.

Weird? At - Religion & Spirituality, Agnosticism/Atheism is at the top of the menu at the left. More cogitating by me: Some skeptics seem caught up in a habit of doubting, no matter what - becoming faithful nihilists before they realize it, rathere than critical freethinkers or rational thinkers.

I am one microcosmic wondering skeptic, who has vowed to keep asking questions - who wonders, moment to moment, about everything and anything, even while I am rapt in wonder. I doubt to the nth degree taken to the nth power, then go on from there.

Wonderful...Here is a Church of Reality "based on the practice of realism" that doesn't appear to have much if anything to do with realism. I like it anyway. The motto "If it's real - we believe in it!" urges "belief" rather than experience, yet the "hidden agenda" is "to trick religious people into thinking" and for me tricks are often treats.


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