Thursday, February 09, 2006

Modern Mysteries Of Human Industries

More than ever, we play with fire and water these days,
and vibrate the air with insistant commands and demands!

How scarey and odd we crafty folk must appear,
amidst our smoke and steam and sourcery and alarm,
to the myriad earthen ancestors of all like and other kinds and kin, still watching over and stirring under us
hiding amidst the trees that are still standing,
as we torch and drown more and more of our catastrophic nightmares
into dreams
of unlikely spaceships descending into these ashes to rescue everyone just in time...
Keep scanning the skies and seas for flying saucers and
rising dragons, carrying secret alchemical formulae of freedom
and the designs for peaceable cities on a beautiful land...
What harm can it do?
We are the quarky lauging lizardy shamans, returning to ourselves
like we always do, wearing so many guises just for the fun of it!


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