Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Liberating the FLOW of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

I have all but stopped recommending mystical or earth-centered spirituality and shamanic ways to potential spiritual activists seeking intentional community and creative synergy. On the message boards there seems to be more and more confusion and heated discussion over what the many (proliferating) alternative -isms are and are not. I keep finding myself mired in the bogging down focus upon what is wrong with the world, and losing momentum amidst purification techniques, penitential rites, and the persistant veering into leftisms and socialistic sounding politically correctisms. (That sounds pretty mired, doesn't it?)

I find myself much more encouraged and inspired when I come upon evidence that the Spirit(s) of Liberty and Enterprise are making a strong comeback, through pages like FLOW links and A World Connected. In the meanwhile, shamanic practitioners all over the world are waxing apocalyptic in their warnings and aiming to ascend now that the end is near - and I am one of a little bunch that is in no rush to leave behind the revels of physical life and do not consider myself trapped here in dense matter.

I am happy to see and hear that the bunch is bigger than I thought and dreamed.

~ Alan

I still find it fun to blend science and the esoteric and consider what wilder earth changes may be coming. I like to find as many layers of meaning as I can in the news of the day.

Literalism is one of the -isms that shocks and entertains me the most these days in the writings of many spiritual healers and activists. I know I will one of these days realign body, soul, and spirit as well as gut, heart, and mind around an effective strategy for real change for the better.

~ Sharon


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