Thursday, January 12, 2006

One Sad Story And Many Links To The Fun, The Good, And The Questionable

Here is a story of dynamic lessons through great wordly harm, brought into the world with much assistance from many in the fields of both religion and psychiatry, and the law and the order:News from The Associated Press - AntiChrist Murder. Many students were ready, and look how many teachers have appeared so far!

The title links to an interesting personal and business website. What a variety of the spices of life the owner links to. (I take a dim view of some of his sources, and many would be surprised if I told you which ones, but what does this old bag lady know?)

Who knows more than Spirit and the Spirits, who was given most throughout the generations of the playing out of this old news story - and of whom the most is now (and always) expected in return? Bless us all!


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