Thursday, January 12, 2006

Individual Adventuring, Companionship, the Circle of Circles, and Foolish Wisdom

This is an interesting Gnostic church we recently studied: Sophia Fellowship. Teaching there is said to be through direct experiences in the "crazy wisdom" of companionship within a circle community, and everyday encounters of the divine amidst the ordinary, juxtaposed with teachings, meditations, and practices. The teachings, practices, and meditations appear to blend kabbalah, ceremonial magick, and eastern and western mysticism and alchemy with esoteric Christianity, and the lineage, through the inner apostolic succession is said to reach back to Mary Magdalen. There are still expressions of hierarchy and the authority of a master or guru in this world, though this is muted. Much of this approach parallels or diverges around yet still nearby the open-ended teachings listed or linked to in our School of the Fool, or travel (and sometimes travail) log of spiritual adventuring and exercises. But here it everything is in the beginning to middle stages of becoming published, canonized, and dogmatized.

Here is another place: The Third Circle (TTC) which turned out to be "too good to be entirely true" to itself. However, it is also very close to our approach, and we can consider ourselves linked to TTC's Peace Circles through non-ordinary reality - without endorsing any definite agenda. Here might be one sincere attempt to turn folks inside-outward, and here there is recognition Foolish radical involvement in the world as just as legitimate a path as any, including or especially Self-Realization (one of our least favorite terms, for many reasons) or Enlighenment or Ascencion when these "paths" are thought of as ways to surpass a world considered or even experienced as base or inferior to the Heavens.

We keep coming back to the age-old, ageless, new every here and now, Mysterious yet Knowable lineage of unlimited potential, infinite possibilities, and here/now power of the point, the line, and the circle; the numbers, vibrations, and shapes of the Tree, the Web, and the Wheels; individuals as companions adventuring and contemplating the fun of it all through living spiral spacetime, circling around here and there at crossroads along the questioning Quest, joining in the unceasing, infinite Circle of Circles everywhere - birthing, nesting, and shifting All-There-IS from the radiant center within yet beyond anything anywhere (greatest to least), to the eternal yet dynamic Mystery.


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