Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I Do Not Recommend Shamanic Workshops Anymore

The linkfield is to the Last Mask Center, and here is a list of Last Mask - Newsletter articles. Many of these articles are thoughtful and could be helpful to anyone answering the calling Spirit(s) to a life of shamanry, but I no longer recommend any spiritual adventurer attend even one shamanic workshop, though I have received much from doing so in the past. Whatever is taught by any teacher who appears when any student is ready will always be well and good some day of course, no matter what transpires inbetween - but now I know for sure that one is more likely find and fill full of Spirit(s) on the way of the shaman by attending the workshop and playshop of everyday life.

The shamanhood I express is increasingly agnostic, through I do my best to express wild and free animist gnosis. The shamanic visions I look into through the WWW from my perspective, are all ok in some way or many ways, even when tainted and/or trivialized. I was unaware of all the controversies around shamanic teachings, when I started to respond the calling of the Spirits. Maybe Spirit wasn't as much restrained by terminology back then. I have lately more completely turned over my shamanic curriculum to Spirit and the Spirits, because what else can a real shaman fool do? I am centering around some of the smaller scale operations in progress along the shamanic ways.


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