Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Circle of the First Thought and the Promethean Movement

The title links to the official website of the Promethean Movement, that might be called Neo-Objectivist yet shamanic. I began wondering what I would have to do to join. The Prometheans host Argus, a news source of 100 internet eyes focused upon oppression. I suppose that would be a help in wording the best shamanic prayer intentions for assisting Spirit(s) to bring us more of the opposite.

I am also taking a look at and considering joining Circle of the First Thought, a message board started by Brother Anthony of the Apostolic Gnostic Church of Americal (ACGA), covenanted with Companions Circle and Shamanic Shift through our newer project, the Circle of Mary and Thomas. The Shamanic Humorists & Optimists message circle is at too. Though we have never attracted much attention to our circle there, I like the Proboards service for setting up simple forums easily, and today I am hearing a voice within urging, "Go back to posting at S.H.O.'s online circle more often...And sign up at Circle of the First Thought, too.


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