Friday, December 30, 2005

Signs of the Real Shaman Performers Everywhere

The original Shamans were individuals who remembered how to begin to feel and comprehend in ordinary here and now seed-sized or even nutty moments, the energy, the vibrations, the heat, the light, the revelations, and the resonances of wave particles, companions, and universes within, without, and beyond everything - all at once. Shamans could embrace the paradox of this weirdness and wyrdness - and they storyied, danced, and acted out in experimental performance and performance of experiments, whatever would allow Spirit(s) to heal and transform everyday situations towards more beauty and harmony - what our circle companions usually call sacred FUN.

In those days, everyone in the shaman's circle was in on the knowing that this was a performance for shifting self and circle consciousness and everything - intentionally, according to wave and particle, and free will and choice agreement. The shaman was an ordinary being of consciousness and unconsciousness, yet was talented at reminding and demonstrating though art, drama, science, song, and dance - and through radical living and dying - just how non-ordinary and extraordinary everyone and everything really is, from heights to deeps, within and beyond, and how the universe really is built carefully yet playfully of signs, wonders, miracles, and blessings, and how even (and especially) the most dire consequences and drastic happenings experienced consciously (and even unconsciously) release even more and even the most, even newer, potentials and possibilites for LIFE liberating life.

As many movements in our century's societies and cultures toward reopening, restoring - and reconnecting to science and making sense of - the spriritual dimensions of reality continue twist and turn wildly, most contemporary and neo- shamanism(s), as well as other related magical and mystical paths seem to be giving into the temptations to fall by the waysides of guruphilia, superstition, literalism, popularization, politicization, institutionalization, sentimentality, excessive definition, trivialization, and regulation. Members of shamanic organizations are actually campaigning for the co-opting (calling this "integration") of their newly rediscovered shamanisms and other "alternative or complementary" healing systems by western medicine, psychology, and social work - and state licencing boards and insurance companies, not to mention various organized versions of "the Church."

All these whiles, the real mystery schools and secret societies hide deeper underground than ever, and their members do not trouble themselves over apparent disagreements among the philosophy, art, and science of it all-that-is. I know this without the shadow of a doubt today. Listen: The real Shamans can only be found in disguise in your own neighborhood, where you least expect to find anyone or anything special.

The real Secret Societies are any circles of ordinary (yet extraordinary) individuals who simply know their own secrets, and the Mysteries
are the same (yet ever newer and newest) opening and openest greater and lesser Cosmic Secrets that always and forever remain hidden to most, right over and under the nose and out just about everywhere in plain sight, and can rarely be co-opted, because very few ever put but the slightest, if any, value upon them. Or, when some do attempt to co-opt the Mysteries and Secrets, they lose power and fade into mundane, because they are no longer the real and new Secrets and Mysteries of the eternal here and now moment. Even in this dreamy dawning of another New Age, this situation remains in effect here on earth, true in new ways, true as it has been through many ages. Yet shamanic shifting happens on, in and of, and beyond this world, because this is just the universal way all things live and die and move and express their be-ing.

I was starting to write down some shamanic lessons for our main website when I found my self mostly amused and somewhat bemused, as I realized how much I was referring folks who might come to that page away from our website to other sites and studies that hardly anyone shamanic - traditional, cross-cultural, core-, techno-, or contemporary - would call shamanic these days. My list of shamanic lessons to learn is still empty, consisting only of points on the page followed by blank spaces, waiting for me to fill something in. Here is the silly and so far unfinished page.

(Everything I am writing here about shamanism I also opine about gnosticism, magik, alchemy, and other favorite fields of study, since to me it is all shamanic ways - in some way.)

For now and probably from now on, companions of our little circles are falling back, in this general seeming confusion, to the cosmic, universal Unceasing Circle of Circles of real shamanic (and any kind of) circles convening everwhere and anywhere, no matter what is happening or anyone is pontificating, circles that open up sacred circle spacetime wherever two or three of any kind or kin agree as one, around any purpose (indivdual beings - or head, heart, and gut within each, from quarks to universes) allowing more passageways for Mystery, Consciousness, Spirit, and the Spirits to ever more freely spiral dance blessings, shifts, dreams, songs, and stories to the next good and right and new place.


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