Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Going Transconscious

Photo by ImageAfter.com
Transconscious is a news forum I have been visiting - connected with Thothweb (linked above) and Light of Isis. There is much to read of interest among these three companion websites, and their news mix of news feeds reminds me of the Daily Grail's, yet their community seems (so far) much more friendly and respectful.

Here is a journal of Esoterica, full of transconsciousness. Weird impression: My investigations lead me to conclude that there is far more transconsciousness shown in the movies than on television - and I don't understand why.

Instead of saying I practice shamanic ways, why don't I start saying I practice transconsciousness? It must be a new word for conscious transformation, transforming consciousness, conscious travelling, travelling through consciousness, and travelling beyond consciousness - and more, all at once.


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