Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Chammy's Blog ARCHIVES - May to December 2005

I am Moving Over To My Auxiliary Blog...
posted Tue, 06 Dec 2005 17:45:23 -0800

I am not blogging enough to pay for pro- and I want to publish in RSS so I am going to continue my infrequent blogging over at http://chameleonflow.blogspot.com/ where I have been keeping my archives. I say...

Thanks And Blessings To All,
~ Chammy

Whatever Happens To You Happens To Me, And To Them, And To All
posted Mon, 28 Nov 2005 16:06:03 -0800

I propose these changes in the way we execute capital punishment upon those who have trespassed the sanctity of life in our society: Death, after all, can be healing and restorative to the utmost degree, and shamans used to die more often to release spiritual power and knowledge for rebalancing life among the people. Who can say for sure that greater good does not come out of capital punishment than life without parole? In truth, great spiritual potential, power, and possibilities radiate out of every singular death, just as they do out of every precious life. More gifts are released for the blessing and freeing of all, as more and more of us act out death and life consciously.

It would reflect our interconnecting oneness as living and dying beings if representatives from among us could be called in for "captal punishment duty" rather like we are already called upon to serve jury duty by pronouncing guilty and not-guilty judgements upon individuals accused of murder and other crimes, and even offering sentencing recommendations to our professional judges. The fatal combination of lethal chemicals could be opened up into the circulatory system of the condemned prisoner by a volunteer circle of citizen peers, so that all might take credit for carrying out the death sentence, yet none could be singled out. Any person identifying her or himself as a victim, directly affected by the capital offense could join the circle, too.

No More Daylight Savings For Me
posted Mon, 31 Oct 2005 15:18:20 -0800

From now on, I am sticking to good old Earth Time. I am not going to live by so-called daylight savings time anymore. I am not the only one who wants to abolish Daylight Savings Time.

I wasn't really supposing that I was the first to say this! What was good enough for Earth, Sun, and Universe is good enough for Chammy.

Chammy`s Blog Will Be On Break For Who Knows How Long...But It Will Stay Here
posted Thu, 22 Sep 2005 16:38:18 -0700

As a shamanic circle several of us have reached a consensus that individuals will keep our weblogs in place, yet take a break from blogging in them, unless exceptional personal news just must be told, in order to draw together and shift our attentions as one, to increased numbers of prayer intentions and requests. The individual weblogs will be kept in place until we can return to updating them more often, and as home bases for blogrolls and linking up favorite web resources.

Here are the team weblogs where I and other companions of our circle, school, and order shall shift over to (soon) to concentrate our efforts: There are other circles, groups, and projects - begun and maintained by others and other organizations - that I and other shamanic circle companions shall remain in touch with, and do our best to keep contributing to as well. Many of us and the circle of us were signing up, joining, and starting things all over the web last year, just to try services and venues out, since most of us were brand new online. Perhaps, we got a bit carried away - but I hope and dream it will all be for the good. Who ever really knows exactly, or even generally, where a contact in a new network is destined to lead?

Origin: Unity Project, Spiritual Forums, and Bridge Accross Consciousness
posted Mon, 19 Sep 2005 17:55:27 -0700

Our two circle companions who investigate spiritual formation and intentional communities found United Communities of Spirit, which is a facinating resource, and global project. Their approach is multifarious, yet skewed towards the lighter over the darker threads of LIFE's creative weaving, and seems less open to the occult though much of what is usually thought of as occult is actually included, under various other names. Overall the result, so far, (in my opinion) fails to give Trickster any say so or expression.

Yet, as a circle covenant, we like it enough to begin participating, and filling out the pages we are given there, as a circle-wide spiritual exercise. The forums at United Communities of Spirit have already shown us some wonderful resources through the unlimited linkage members are allowed, and everyone is courteous and honorable in communicating their amazing diversity of views on a wide variety of topics. This project is from Origin a group of researchers and developers of a Bridge Accross Consciousness, and that concept resonates harmoniously with many companions of our circle. In many dreams and visions, we are seeing a seamless, holey, holy, multdimensional, holographic, labyrinthine, rainbow, garment and sail, woven of light and darkness for a sacramental vessel bridging and shifting Spirit(s) and Soul(s) over all troubled fires, waters, climate turbulence, and ecological confusions in every dimension, level, order, and realm of consciousness and reality.

And, so far we know fun, laughter, and tricks are key links between and betwixt knowing and wondering, and beginnings and endings.

Blogging Is On the Backburner Again
posted Fri, 02 Sep 2005 22:24:06 -0700

I have added a few links to my blogroll, of places I am visiting to further my self-education with the Spirits as a shaman-fool. Writing is always about the lesson I am eagarly learning in the moment, so usually I would rather move on than interrupt my studies.

These days, I am engaging in more psychopompic journeys than I ever did before. This isn't only because deadly disasters have hit closer to home recently. There is, universally, more spirit shifting going on behind this world's drama, and wilder dreaming behind everyday scenes.

I still haven't finished the Trickster article for the main website, and the calendrics project is still an amorphous collection of correspondences. And that is perfect. Once in a while I am adding something to the lists at the shamanic-ways and shamanic-shifting weblogs, but I have not blogged there for quite some time.

The shifting, revealing, and conducting of Spirit(s) is naturally the top priority, and next comes (extra) self-education. Maybe it was not so wise to begin this "blog of my own" - perhaps a few companions of our circle will give up individual weblogs soon.

Shamanic Journey to the Sea Serpent
posted Thu, 18 Aug 2005 13:53:32 -0700

Yesterday, I shamanic journeyed for greater understanding, to Hydra, the Sea Serpent, representative of the many faces of being and life incarnating our world(s). The word monster came up in the news and captured my attention, and the sun is nearby this serpentine constellation that keeps the myths and stories of the best and worst in life hanging over our heads. I wanted to know more about transforming the monsters and monstrosities that are, and must be, closely linked to me.

Hydra danced before me, too amazing and beautiful to dream of slaying, and shapeshifted, first to Leviathan, and then to the Rainbow Snake.

The snake-giant shifted in and out of the various shapes and huge sizes, and the character, colors, and number of snake heads kept changing. I stood in awe before this great earthly, heavenly being and noticed all, without judging anything. The air was filled with a pulsating, chanting of voices in tongues and the green languages. While I stood there, stunned, in awe, each of the heads of the serpent took a huge bite of me, out of several limbs and energy centers of my person - and the bites stung terribly.

After wilder and wilder dancing, Hydra disappeared altogether, and so did the background colors and sounds of this territory, leaving me floating in a silent, dark, darkness. I kept searching all around for my Guiding Star, the way back from any predicament, but darkness persisted. Finally, after an undeterminable, spacetimeless, while, I discerned my Guiding Star, sailing towards me, or perhaps drawing me in. As my Guiding Star grew nearer, I could see also the serpent of two and three and several serpents, riding back to me upon it. The surroundings filled in once more with a rainbow of colors, tones, and rhythms. Quickly this Star-Sea-Rainbow Serpent spit all of these pieces back at me, and I watch myself heal from the gaping wounds.

At last my Guiding Star took me in, and brought me home. I do not know how, yet I know for sure, from my wave-particles on up, that this shamanic journey has allowed a little bit more healing by Spirit(s) in me, this world, and the universe.

Our Shamanic Ship of Fools Must Keep Voyaging Through Temptations
posted Wed, 20 Jul 2005 22:19:33 -0700

Most of the websites I visit as I research, that are devoted to shamanism or other ways of Knowing the Mysteries, do a better job than I aspire to do, describing the numerical, geometrical, mythic, archetypal, symbolic, and metaphorical patterns, cycles, and flowing of All That IS, the particle-egg and the wave-dragon, great and small. Many (not all) of these schools and orders have refined their initiatory traditions into religions and their circling into institutions (highly to loosely organized). Much of the cosmic FUN of the Mysteries was suppressed in the processing everything for preservation and publication.

Maybe my contribution will be a simple, childish, and eagar grabbing the wheel for a moment or two, whenever I can, and brief moments of steering back towards the sound of healing laughter. No matter what, I know I must do my part in those brief moments (where tiny actions may cause crucial changes), to help navigate our little ship of shaman-fools and companions through any temptations to get serious.

Ordinary Mysteries of the Shaman Wise Fool
posted Thu, 07 Jul 2005 20:16:08 -0700

Perhaps all shamans are shaman-fools, in some way, to some degree, since real shamans each find their ways to bridge all realms of wisdom and folly - conciousness and being, spirit and experience, living and dying. Somehow, any shaman must resonate, reveal, and conduct the cosmic antics of light and spirit, and digest a lethal dose of the leftovers of this universal feast of matter and energy - recovering from the symptoms and side-effects, and incarnating the cure for whatever is ailing us.

The Shaman-Fool may appear less of an authority and seem less of a success than other respectable Shamans, and might reveal and conduct re-creative Spirit and the Spirits through everyday scenarios, by acting out as Trickster, or Trickster's foil. A Shaman Fool can unmask fraud with a mask, release blessings through disguises, upset customs with costumes, break habits with a routine, and re-mind us of Truth and Beauty with funny hats. On the best of days, the Shaman Fool can help even the Sullen Bureaucratic Builder finally crack into a smile, die laughing, and dream on into new life.

All I Did Was Watch, Until the Stars, Moon, Planets, the Sun, and Everything Visited Little Me
posted Fri, 24 Jun 2005 12:39:22 -0700

On last week's quest, all I did was lie down in sacred space, and watch and dream. Teal and I were blessed with an invitation to camp in a patch of wilderness at the edges of an old style dairy farm. The two of us could quest alone, far enough apart to be out of sight and mind of one another....Neither of us makes any attempt to follow any particular traditon for retreating. As with other aspects of shamanic practice, we each unfold our own ways, as stirred by Spirit and the Spirits.

I dreamed that everything in the universe that had to do with my mission in life danced over me. This all happened during a shamanic singularity: a night that was like a timeless day, or a day that was visited by the Moon, the Planets, and the Stars, all at once. Yet, it was the Moon that played all the the main characters in this earthen cosmic drama...

I recieved relief and refreshement, yet I know that the best gifts from these visions will be given to me and others down the road of the ordinary, just a bit further on. Great shifts are coming and greater than dreamed of good.

So I shall wonder on my way for here and for now...
~ Chammy

Gone Questing
posted Mon, 13 Jun 2005 07:49:52 -0700

This is not the usual time for either of us for a yearly vision quest - and it may not be the only one this year. We shall both be away for about a week of low-tech interactivity with Spirit and the Spirits, and shamanic alchemy for processing whatever inner ingredients are linking to more than the usual outer, local, ordinary reality experiences of chemical, clan, community, and global imbalance.

Here is an interesting environmental balance website we found researching a theme for the vision quest.

Our blogging and other internet interactivity is already behind, and we shall return to keep blogging on. Who knows if we will ever catch up?

~ Teal and Chammy

Ants Everywhere I Walk and Bumble Bees Just Being There
posted Fri, 10 Jun 2005 22:27:35 -0700

What does teaching or gift does Ant have to give me? These social insects are almost underfoot nearly everywere I roam.

There are still a few Bumble Bees buzzing around the bushes, too. They are automatically busy, even if they are just being there.

Satan Behind Me Again
posted Thu, 19 May 2005 09:37:19 -0700

It seems like there have been more than the usual trials and temptations lately - and I have more often forgotten to ask Satan to step out of the way, and get back behind me. So I have been experiencing more of the troubles caused by tangled-up chains.

It is important that I remember not to tell (my) Satan who is chained (linked) to me to go away, but to stay behind - because Satan is as much a faithful angelic energy-flow of the divine as any other. But Satan's proper place is behind me as we journey this life, not in front.

This is a teaching I recieved from one of the Wise-Fools in a dream, and I will understand it better after more dreaming.

Can We Find a Home to Go In and Out Of?
posted Fri, 06 May 2005 18:30:33 -0700

I joined the Friday Night Circle a little early today. I found myself contemplating Ascension Day, and the earlier theme of Rogation Day's beating the bounds. I was thinking of the activation of boundaries as walls of a container for sacred essentials of life - in which they percolate, ferment, bubble, and liberate mysterious fumes and leave behind distilled miracles...So, then I started to journey into that dream.

In that dream, I saw a home for our companions circle, order, and school - a safe, sacred, place in spacetime to go back to for renewal. It was at a crossroads, however, and was far from being a secluded sanctuary. The crossroads in this dream-journey was a place of great power and possibility - and surprise. The office and sanctuary in Milwaukee is already located in rented rooms at a crossroads, yet this current home seems somewhat unsecure, although many miracles have rippled out from it - limitations appear to be at the top of the list, but perhaps I am just afraid of that magic trickster element of surprise.

Years ago when we began our covenant-circle of companions, renting made a great deal of sense, and we all rented space near one another on Milwaukee's eastside. Several of of us have, for various reasons, scattered to many directions by now, though we share a home website and support the Milwaukee outreach as the main outward, tangeable, altar and sign of our companionship covenant. Just a few, and the one of us who always wanted to be an ordained minister remains there, for now, keeping the ministry open to the world...

Still, in my dream-journey there was a home for us, more shielded from mundane surprises, while allowing more of the profound ones. It was not a retreat or conference center. It was in the world, but less of it than our current headquarters, somehow. And, it was roomier. It looked like a large, old, house on a wooded lot, very near a body of water, possibly a river. In this evening's dream-journey, I was not led by the Spirits to approach any closer, and I recieved word that I would be able to get closer, even perhaps enter, on another journey - if I choose to return.

The theme for this evening's circling around (in Milwaukee and in the cyber-realms) was having freedom and linking up at the same time - on many levels. It is true that most newer, prospective practice or church-circle members from the Milwaukee neighborhoods have seemed unable to link up, many seeming to be bound up in habitual trouble-patterns, sticking to old stories...though we have witnessed some dramatic lifeshifts, too.

I know there was some healing medicine in this dream-journey, for the apparent shortcomings in our shamanic practice-way that I attend to heart and mind - in spite of knowing better. I intend to continue pick up where it left off, soon.

~ Chammy


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