Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ecstatic or Not? Is That The Question?

There are many masters of physical, emotional, and mental yogas, disciplines, and religions in the world, who demonstrate the marvelous, miraculous, and magical to the limits of known human capabilities, and beyond. Often these individuals are followed or appear to be exploited by others who call them Masters - whether they are fun to be around or not. How can anyone unapproachable and unfun be a real Master?

But all beings, from the greatest to the least, dream, shift and dance anew each moment, in and as Spirit. Everywhere, at the deepest levels, the universe is built of magic, marvels, and miracles, before and after all, infinitely interfaced with Mind, Heart, and Gut. It is natural for the Cosmos of Universes and our Universe of Beings of all kinds, large and small, to fill and spill over the edges of their containers - again and again. Everything is sunstone and moonstone Cup - full of delicious firewater, and the rest is deep breath.

Without the something extra of ecstasy no method, technology, or attainment is much better than an ok conversation topic. These Masters become famous sages, mages, or even freaks - yet discourage as many as they inspire. This is the kind of thing that evens out.

Shamans must be fools who breath and play with the fire of earth, water, and air - for the sake of reuniting all in All, for the ecstasy of this - even if they die. This passion on purpose keeps bringing shaman fools back from dreams and adventures to companions and relations - yet starts them journeying all over again.


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