Thursday, September 01, 2005

This Week I Noticed How Many Leaves Have Already Changed Colors

This was the week of Summer that suddenly I noticed, how many leaves have already changed colors and even fallen. The leaves must have started dying last week, I supposed, but realized that I know better. These subtle beginnings of another Autumn took place much earlier, a well guarded secret, conspired within hidden chambers.

Each leaf lives a unique life, flowing it's own peculiar life-flavorings into its tree and the source, during spacetimes that are absolutely special. Other changes took place last week, in this world of sudden changes, and many fragile lives are now falling off the surfaces of earth, as if these changes were happening meaninglessly, to whole branches of leaves, gusted fearcely yet uncaringly to unknown destinations, by a chaos-stirring whirlwind.

Yet, the special perspective and interpretation of each life-leaf's secret information that flowed through its earthy being is always present, and cannot be lost, no matter what happens. None of these dreams or the teachings of wisdom is ever lost no matter what ordinary patterns change course, and how many everyday lives fall in our worlds - and no matter how much they may appear to have been cut cruelly from the Source Tree of Knowing Life, like so many brown leaves in late Summer, spiraling in breezes and gusts with scavenger seagulls.

I know that during these past few days, some dear old companions of mine departed this world suddenly, on longer than ususal journeys. I also know that these adventurers are seasoned entertainers, who know how to tumble wildly, yet choose where to fall. So, now I do my best to shift my attention to dreaming better days for some beings who stayed behind, who seem stranded here, so faraway, yet near, who suffer terribly today.


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