Friday, September 23, 2005

Droughts and Floods - Stress and Tears Across the Street

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Right across the street from me, as I pray
for faraway neighbors suffering through or fleeing from turbulent storm surges,
tears are flowing from a lonely heart...
Here, in the middle of the stresses and cracks
of a three year long drought...
(Late last night there were thunderstorms.)

What more could I do to help? I wonder,
as I contemplate and continue to ponder all the single experiences and links being poured and forced together this singular moment,
as if to be fixed in concrete,
as if meant to be layed down and travelled as roads, but then broken wide open, with or without adequate warning...
then dissolved again, in puddles of confusion or clarity...

What a world full of mundane marvels we are just passing though!


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