Monday, September 12, 2005

Dancing Power During Dawn

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If anyone anyone is feeling from blah to bad overall, I say, why not try dancing up some power, by the dawn's early light? Whenever I desire a total re-tuning of self - and that might be every morning, for days on end - I go outside a long while before sunrise, and stroll a shamanic-journey for one or more of the prayer-intentions on my list. When the first light rays begin to gleam through the clouds on the horizon, I return from this ordinary reality journey to my (not quite) ordinary conciousness, and dance a thanksgiving, raising Spirit and Life power within me.

I dance, ring, and sing the power-animals, -plants, -rocks, and -elements I know, and awaken the axis mundi within. I dance the fairies and the angels, and remember as much about trees and wings as I can. And then, I just stand.

It will be a tough thing to do - to decide to kill sleep, and redirect habit, and show up for your first, awful, pre-dawn adventures. It is so much easier to down a sports-drink and a pill to rebalance internal chemistry, or allow designer electric lights to ease you into the inevitable day lights. Going slightly out of my usual way to restore cosmic connections to earlier, deeper, natural flows and the most interior, universal, source chemistries still seems drastic - even foolhardy - until I do it anyway.

It is so easy for the everyday mind to change in the last moment, and stay under the covers of comfort, then drouse back to sleep, as you tell yourself, "I could catch my death - or a cold...last thing I need..." or "I have a full schedule today...need all the rest I can get..." or "...there's no scientific proof...just some crackpot..." and "I can always try it tomorrow." Yet it is so easy for Spirit and the Spirits to shift everything.

~ Sharon


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