Thursday, September 22, 2005

Crabbee the (Would Be) Blogophile Shall Return...After A Meanwhile

I love weblogs, yet I cannot keep up with all the online writing projects I have started. I am unable to keep up with posting even once per month here and elsewhere, it turns out. I shall return to this weblog, and my science blog, sooner or later, and sooner I hope - but for now, I am switching back over to the team weblogs and online circles I was already contributing to. Lately there are very many more prayer requests to shamanize around, in covenant with the other companions of my circles. And, in addition, we are engaged in some circle-wide ongoing projects.

So, most of us have decided to fall back to the team efforts we started originally, in order to draw closer together during these turbulent times of mystery and wonder.... I will keep adding to my blogroll and my bookmarks list whenever I come across new resources, and keep on helping Toads, Alley Raccoons, and The Backyard Tortoise with their blogroll. Even though those animal and nature spirit weblogs are team efforts too, and notes for possible children's books, way in the future, they are being put aside for a mean while too, along with many of our individual weblogs.

If something really major happens that involves me, Crabbee, in particular, I shall return here to blog it, even during this hiatus. And, I shall continue to consider this URL my individual home base, and place to put my blogrolls, link to my other writings, and link up favorite web things.

Here are the team weblogs where I and others (soon) will begin to concentrate our efforts: There are other circles, groups, and projects - begun and maintained by others and other organizations - that our circle of shamanic companions shall remain in touch with, as well. For a while there, we were signing up, joining, and starting things all over the web, just to try them out, since most of us are new online. We certainly got a bit carried away, but who ever knows exactly where a contact in a new network will lead?


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