Friday, August 05, 2005

Shamanic Journey: To the Far Side of the Moon and Round About

NASA Photo (It looks like a shaman on the moon to me.)Against some of the traditions and popular wisdom, a small circle of shamanic journeying companions voyaged around the Moon, just as it shifted, in this world's eyes, from waning to waxing, from old to new. The journey gave me a bigger picture view, and I noticed more potential and new possiblilities for dancing with the Spirit(s) of the Moon.

Not only was I reminded by Spirit and the Spirits that the whole surface of the moon receives light from the Sun and the Stars, as I and all things turn, and go around. I was given a glimpse of real Lunar Light. "There is there is plenty of light on the Moon," one of my Wise Guides pointed out. And then I remembered, and saw a truth of the matter, that like myself, and everything, the Moon glows from within, even as it reflects and refracts external lighting - because, of course, the Moon is made of LIGHT, too.

My intention for this shamanic journey, was shifting more life and conciousness in this world towards fulfillments of real freedom.


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