Monday, August 22, 2005

Shamanic Alchemy of Blessing: Dream the Best Meme

Over the weekend it happened that a banal platitude instead of the best of blessings, was on the tip of my tongue, about to slip out, when just then, I remembered recently hearing someone call out "Dream the best possible today!" And, in the moment I was able to open to Spirit(s) and amend my departing benediction to "Have the best possible rest of your day...!" What a difference this urban shamanic shift vibrated into the face of the ordinary before me.

These days, the words shamanic alchemy are often assumed to mean cultivating a direct relationship with the Spirit(s) in and through entheogenic teacher-plants, -chemicals, or -elements. Shifting the interior and physical chemistries of people, places, and things by blessings and other prayer-power-sounds, is, for me, another way (of many ways) to catalyze the seemingly miraculous transformations of shamanic alchemy.

So, today I have happily engaged my attention and energies with as many continuations as possible, of this everyday experiment in the shamanic alchemy of the words have the best and (when I could remember, in the moment) dream the best. I am dreaming this BEST day-blessing meme is already spreading. (I didn't know much about memes until a circle companion illuminated this matter of the meme meme.)


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