Monday, August 01, 2005

Rezzee's Mask Is Still Unfinished

Rezzee's Mask (Photo by J.M.McCombie)One of our Milwaukee circle members is taking digital pictures of some examples of the shamanic artplay, instigated every now and then, at Shamanic Shift Center in Milwaukee. I started this mask two summers ago and I have yet to complete it.

Shamanic masks can help folks with an artisitc temperment (with or without talent) celebrate almost any being, life-stage, attribute, or event closely linked with ongoing life. Masks can be constructed and used in shamanic dreaming and dancing, to connect with the spirit and energies of what one desires to enhance, shift, transform - or release.

This mask is being made from rags, glass, beads, and found objects from a box of potential collage materials, that I was gluing or tying onto a warped, further bent out of shape, rusty piece the building's old, worn out, metal drainage gutter. The gutter was being replaced outside, while we conducted our informal circle ceremony inside.

As I was writing, I found myself momentarily amazed to realize that those fun spacetime events were taking place two summers ago. The mask making and the gutter replacing were both very noisy and messy operations, but the band of us certainly seemed to be enjoying ourselves more than crew of workers outside.


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