Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Permission Granted: Troubles and Medicines Are Already Inside

Shamanic prayer intervention and treatment shifts conciousness and reality within yet beyond any day to day acting out in ordinary reality. Whatever just hooked my attention is what requires shamanic shifting within me. Whatever changes within me changes everywhere in spacetime.

Everything changes anyway, always, all ways, one for all and all for one, according to resonance. Every moment of every while, our vibrations trouble the waters, fan the flames, twist the winds, and tremble the Web of Living Being, revealing freedoms, releasing medicines, and allowing more healings to be spun and woven, through death, sex, and eating. All heart/mind kind and kin are invited to borrow more trouble, and tremble on purpose at thresholds of dream vessels and passageways to anywhere - then shift Spirit, Self, and the Cosmos conciously.


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