Thursday, August 25, 2005

Celebrating Odins Ordeal and Discovery

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Today I am celebrating the final day of Odin's Nine Day Ordeal and the Festival of Discovery. In companionship with a few others, I unfold my own original and contemporary shamanic tradition, and do not claim to practice Asatru, Heathenry, or any Norse or Nordic Spiritual, Religious, or Magickal Tradition, yet Odin and the Ravens are dear to my soul, for I had my first shamanic adventure with the energy-flow of Odin as a young child. Every year I celebrate Odin's Ordeal of Piercing Himself, Hanging Nine Days on the World Tree, and Discovering the Runes with fasting, special shamanic quests and tests, then feasting. Today is the day of rejoicing as Odin leaps down from the Ash Tree with a Shout of Freedom and Knowing.

The days turned chilly all of a sudden, reminding me of darker days ahead, near the end of this year's commemoration of Odin's divine, human, adventuring, poetic, shamanic sacrifice. Yet, the Shaman, or Wise-Fool, who sacrifices all into ecstasy to know and marry all things within, warmly welcomes the Autumn's dimming and Winter's darkness. The darkest days allow deeper dreaming, farther adventuring, and freer passage through the Non-Ordinary - with even brighter, happier, most fortunate returnings.


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